Notice to our loyal customers;

Holyoke Carpentry is currently and as far as we can see no longer taking on contracts for work. As you may or may not have heard I the owner of Holyoke Carpentry have accepted an appointment as Building Commissioner for the City of Holyoke. For almost a full year Holyoke has been without a person to fill this position due in part to a recent increase in the minimum qualification requirements by the state of Massachusetts. It has been a very tough decision for me to put aside a business that I have invested countless hours, a lot of money, and genuine love for the carpentry trade. I will miss most of all the hands on experience of making people happy every day.

Some quick notes; As my phone keeps ringing, it is not easy to let my most loyal customers down. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make a referral to another contractor given my new position. I encourage you to research what a good contractor is and if you have any questions about what to look for or watch out for send me an email or call me at home. I would love to help you with figuring it all out. I am also proud to say that in 10 years of business for myself, I have yet to receive a phone call about something that wasn’t done right. Regardless for those of you who have had work completed by Holyoke Carpentry, I will still honor the warranties on labor that came with all contracts. Also, the open offer for any customers that need help with yard clean up from fallen trees from the October storm is still open.

I would likewise and especially like to thank all of you that have been supportive of the situation with my garage. For the many of you that are fellow contractors, neighbors, friends-of-friends, and even complete strangers who have come forward to let me know you will be there if needed, I am deeply appreciative.

It has been my pleasure to meet so many great people in these last 10 years. I am happy to help all of you in any way I can as a way to indefinitely show my gratitude for all that you have done for my business.

Thank you, Damian Cote

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